The participant of NAUDI KVP “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” for the first time during the exhibition “Weapons and Security-2021” will demonstrate a new reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle (BAK) RAM II based on the armored vehicle “Novator”.

TANK RAM II is a high-precision strike barrage unmanned aerial vehicle. The drone is designed to deliver accurate and effective strikes on enemy forces and minimize concomitant damage when used in urban areas. The combat radius of such a drone is up to 30 kilometers, and the cruising speed is 70 km / h. In addition, the Full HD drone camera is equipped with a tenx zoom. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare for the flight of such a combat drone. Its warhead weighs 3 kg, and the maximum lift weight of the drone is 8 – 10 kg.

The task of recognizing objects by drone equipment has been transferred from the possibilities of human visual perception to machines and computers. The tracking system allows the operator to use the camera suspension to select static and moving targets in the camera’s field of view using a computer mouse. For further processing there is a function of saving screenshots and video clips. A mini-computer is installed on board the unmanned aerial vehicle to implement real-time computer vision algorithms.

To prevent human error, the unmanned aerial vehicle has the maximum number of automatic functions during operations. It can track targets, determine coordinates. In addition, the tank is able to act as part of a swarm and detect hostile signals.

In addition, according to Ukrainian Armored Vehicles, the RAM II tank contains a list of navigation systems and is equipped with a large number of sensors that provide accurate information about the location of the tank, its speed, altitude and coordinates of the target in real time. And thanks to the electric motor in the power plant, the RAM II TANK has low noise visibility.

In cases of abnormal situations, the operator can choose to safely return home, barrage and wait for the team. By the way, a parachute landing method is provided to save the tank. Thus, the elements of artificial intelligence are integrated in the tank.

In addition, depending on the specifics of the mission, you can choose the type of warheads, quickly and easily replacing one type of warhead with another. In particular, this is an option.

Anti-infantry warhead – maximum effectiveness is achieved when used against infantry.

Thermobaric warhead – best used against enemy fortifications, buildings and indoors.

Cumulative (explosive projectile) EFP warhead – best used against armored vehicles, to destroy buildings, etc.

It is noteworthy that the placement of the RAM II tank is provided on the basis of the armored car “Innovator”. The high mobility, passability and level of protection of the crew provided by the car allows you to quickly get to the area of ​​the task, get as close as possible and accurately hit the target, and then – safely return to base. Thus, the effectiveness of the mission is significantly increased, and its time is reduced.

“Innovator” was developed by the company “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” taking into account modern requirements for the equipment of special units. The car is based on a reinforced and modified Ford F-550 chassis. “Innovator” is made of steel of the Swedish company Swebor Armor (hardness up to 560 HB). Booking class PZSA-4. All doors are equipped with special reinforced bolts and locks of high reliability and have the ability to open from the outside in emergencies. The maximum speed of the armored car is 140 km / h. The company also informed that BAK RAM II was already taking part in military exercises of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “We have proven the reliability of the complex and demonstrated the ability to work in difficult weather conditions,” added the company “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles”.

“The global trend of the armaments market is UAV strike vehicles, which are able to demonstrate speed and passability and at the same time guarantee the safety of the crew. We followed this path, combining the best solution for the base car in terms of mobility and the UAV, which has the best prospects in this segment, “- summed up at the company.

For information:

You can see the “Innovator” with the new reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle RAM II at the stand NAUDI (pavilion №2, place №2-A31) at the exhibition “Weapons and Security-2021”.


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