The participant of NAUDI KVP “Ukrainian Armored Vehicles” for the first time during the exhibition “Weapons and Security-2021” will demonstrate an armored vehicle “Novator” with a remote-controlled combat module NSVT 12.7 mm (with the possibility of modification for the installation of a Browning M2 machine gun).

The company noted that this is a modern high-precision multi-purpose weapon system of the third generation. The remotely controlled combat module is designed for use in statics and dynamics on ground stationary, ground mobile and marine platforms. High-precision, light, low-profile combat module with remote control is installed on the “Innovator” without finishing the armored body – using a standard evacuation hatch.

The combat module is controlled from inside the machine by a gunner-operator using a control panel and a multifunctional touch screen with support for multi-touch technology. In this configuration, the fully gyro-stabilized two-plane combat module on the gimbal with remote control provides rapid detection and defeat of targets, a single-stage aiming process and an extremely high probability of hitting without the risk of open operator position. Target detection range up to 10 km.

“Thanks to the powerful electro-optics, the weapon system provides excellent viewing capabilities day and night in all modern scenarios of combat theater, including mountainous and urban areas, as well as when used in air defense,” said the Armored Vehicle “Ukrainian Armored Vehicle”.

The remote-controlled combat module can be adapted to a wide range of weapon types, including 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm calibers and 30 mm or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers. In addition, the customer can choose other options for equipping DKBM, including grenade launchers for the installation of smoke screens, modular armor protection of several levels, command workstation and even anti-tank guided missiles. Modular optical solution – autonomously gyrostabilized in two planes optical unit.

Ukrainian Armored Vehicles also stated that, if necessary, the customer can receive additional equipment, such as a cooled or uncooled 24-hour thermal imaging camera, rangefinders, laser pointer, laser marker, searchlights.

“Remotely controlled combat module – the result of three decades of experience in weapons development, fire control, detection and capture of targets, automatic tracking of targets and stabilization systems. It is installed on a wide range of wheeled or tracked platforms around the world, has proven high efficiency in detecting and capturing targets while protecting the operator from enemy fire, “- said the company.

The use of DKBM puts the “Innovator” in the category of combat armored wheeled vehicles of the front edge with full functionality of both offensive and defensive nature. Support of motorized infantry units in defensive combat, escort of assault troops and fire defeat of the enemy in case of defense breakthrough, service at checkpoints – this is a non-exhaustive list of functional tasks of BBKM “Novator” with a module of 12.7 mm of the third generation.

We will remind that the Novator armored car is constructed taking into account modern requirements to equipment of divisions of special purpose with use of the Ford-550 chassis which is finished, strengthened and adapted to operation in the most difficult off-road conditions. Can be equipped with a variety of weapons systems and equipment to perform a wide range of combat tasks facing different types and types of troops. The machine fully meets the tactical and technical requirements of the BBKM (TBKM) and is delivered to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine.

For information:

You can see “Novator” with DKBM NSVT 12.7 mm at the stand NAUDI (pavilion №2, place №2-A31) at the exhibition “Weapons and Security-2021”.


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