Kharkiv plant “Mashgidroprivod” was founded in 1944 and today is the largest manufacturer of piston, plunger and telescopic hydraulic cylinders with a nominal pressure of 16-32 MPa for general and special purposes.

Since its foundation, the plant has been a repair and mechanical base, a year later it was renamed the Kharkiv Repair and Mechanical Plant. The company produced tilting and shelving trolleys, narrow gauge platforms. In 1950, the plant was renamed the Kharkiv Road Machinery Plant.

In 1960 he became the main producer of bulldozers, loaders and uproots on caterpillar tractors. Technological production is constantly being improved, new high-performance equipment is being introduced. In 1982, the plant was reorganized into a basic enterprise of the Ministry of Construction and Road Engineering of the USSR for the production of piston hydraulic cylinders and began to be called “Budhydroprivod”.


Klochan Sergey Vladimirovich, Director

61124, city Kharkiv, str. Kashtanova, 14

+38 (057) 251-74-44