The main activities according to the Statute of the Institute – the creation of scientific principles, development and implementation in the national economy and defense of information technology, automated systems for various purposes, computer equipment and software systems, including:

– theory and applied methods of creating information-analytical systems to support decision-making, including situational centers in the field of public administration; – development of mathematical modeling methods for studying and forecasting hydrometeorological phenomena, regional climate change, environmental pollution, ecosystem dynamics and creating on their basis computer systems for forecasting and supporting decision-making on environmental safety and environmental management;

– research, development and implementation of information, communication technologies, neurotechnologies in the creation of various information processing systems, including automation systems for equipment and technological processes, medical informatics systems, artificial intelligence systems, computer algebra systems; – research of physical phenomena, development of new classes of physical and mathematical models and creation on their basis of complex systems, including guarantee-resistant (reliable, reliable, safe, durable) computer systems and energy efficient devices and systems, development of safety management methods.


Morozov Anatoliy Oleksiovych, Director

03187, Kyiv, Holosiivskyi district, GLUSHKOVA AVENUE, building 42

+38(044) 526-24-97