Design and Manufacturing Company “Ukrainian Armor” produces specialized armored vehicles VARTA, NOVATOR and KAMRAT in different modifications and for different purposes, such as surveillance and reconnaissance, border patrolling, special missions, personnel carrier and medical evacuation.

Our goal is to help strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities by providing law enforcement agencies and agencies with the latest models of weapons and military equipment, increasing the country’s foreign economic potential through the promotion of our products on international markets.

The best assessment for us is to hear sincere words of gratitude from the military, who directly use our equipment in the combat zone. Modern technical solutions and new ideas implemented by highly qualified specialists of our company, who work for one goal – the creation and production of modern and reliable military equipment that saves lives.


Belbas Vladislav Vladimirovich, Director

03057, Kyiv, Shevchenkivskyi district, street Alexander Dovzhenko, bldg. 18

+38(044) 337-70-10