Engaged in production and commercial activities with goods and services for special and military purposes in the interests of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, other law enforcement agencies and foreign customers.

Main areas of activity:

development, production, sale, repair, modernization and utilization of armaments, military equipment and components;
production of military vehicles;
production of weapons and ammunition.

Among the new developments of the Company are combat modules VOLIA, VOLIA-D and VOLIA-L, which have absorbed the most modern technological achievements of the defense industry of Ukraine.

Combat modules can be installed on tracked and wheeled combat vehicles of Ukrainian, Western and Soviet production, as well as have options for marine design for installation on armored boats.

The Company’s products are well known outside Ukraine and worthily represent the national defense complex.


Vashchilin Evgeniy, Deputy General Director

Polova Street, 41, Yahotyn, Kyiv Region, 07701

+38 (044) 520-11-88