History of “KrAZ” is a long and hard way to world class automobile plant. The company has changed its profile three times since 1945. However, despite frequent organizational changes “KrAZ” is one of few companies in the top ten of world automakers.

During the existence of the KrAZ brand, starting in 1959, more than 820,000 trucks came off the assembly line of the car plant. In recent years, the range of products produced by the Kremenchug Automobile Plant has expanded significantly, primarily due to new models of special equipment and cars of the promising generation with the layout of “cabin over the engine.” These are municipal vehicles, heavy-duty road trains with a carrying capacity of up to 75 tons, armored vehicles and others.

Production of KrAZ trucks is oriented to core market segments: building industry, road industry and public services, mining and logging industry, oil and gas sector, armed forces and disaster response units.